Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tuliq Turns 10 Weeks Old

Gosh, time is going by rather quickly. Trying so desperately here to hang on to every minute as we savor the early days with our little Plumpkin.  Tonight will be her first night back indoors to be house trained.  She was inside for her first 4 weeks and then moved outdoors with her mamma to get used to her furry family.  We can't wait. As we house train all of our sled dogs, each of them gets a turn to be inside in the evening and hanging out with us. They can sleep anywhere they like but mostly, they like snuggling on our bed with us.  Rosie is desperate to be back inside so I know this will be a very special night for her.  Back to having my Rosie with me after doing a grand job in raising her singleton puppy.

Plumpkin and Mamma Rosie

She's such a funny puppy, so active and playful
Suitably named the 'Plumpkin'
she loves playing with her mamma Rosie

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuliq Turns 6 Weeks Old!

Tuliq is thriving and doing very well as a singleton pup.  After meeting the rest of her furry family through the chainlink, today she was introduced to Daisy who has been a mamma herself and so, she was very sweet and gentle with Tuliq. She is a smart puppy with no fears. Very attentive and energetic!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hedlund Line Update

Over the last few years, we have been actively working towards the preservation of this wonderful line of husky.  A few litters have been born and some of the pups from these litters have found there way back to Alaska, which was always part of the original intention.  To be able to have this line thrive once again in its native place.   We are documenting, photographing and keeping records as well as searching for more historic data.  We have a lot of information, detailed pedigrees and lots of photos.  We'll post more from our archives soon as well as more puppy updates and photos.

Welcome! Singleton Pup Born April 3rd 2013

Rosie from Uktousa in New Hampshire
Gave birth to baby Tuliq, a singleton pup
on April 3rd 2013 weighing 15.8oz

The Hooligans From The Irish x Illo Breeding

Gorgeous pups! all boys
4 months old
they remain with Linda Newman in MN

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back in early December 2012,  a beautiful litter of pups was born at Points Unknown, MN at the homestead of Linda Newman.  Irish x Illo pups were delivered safely and all pups have a very individual appearance.  Below are some updated photos of some of the pups from this wonderful litter.  More information, updates and photos can be seen at or on our Hedlund Husky Facebook page http://www.facebook/

The next litter of pups are expected on or around April 3rd 2013.  The Dam is Gypsy-Rose and the sire is Turkey Jim (TJ) out of Uktousa Kennels in New Hampshire.  Updates will be posted.