Hedlund Archive Photo Gallery

 Aani bred with Lobo, Knik's first litter

 Aani's pups

Tulipq and Lupe in Illiamna

Lupe visiting with Rose Hedlund

Team Mush Knik

10 year old Tulipq

Umi on the right, mother of Kenzie and Tulipq
Emmo on the left, whelped from 1st Knik litter 1991

Umi is out of Lupe, the 1st Hedlund bitch whelped in Illiamna in 1988.  Lupe is also the Matriarch of Mush Knik and the Hedlund Preservation Project
Tulipq and Migo

Rose Hedlund

Nels Hedlund