Sunday, October 18, 2009


Nels is a beautiful and robust half Hedlund Husky who lives with Thomas Swan. Sibling to Rose and Remus. More information on these three dogs can be found below in earlier postings.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Slender and so leggy. Kiqi is half Hedlund. Dam is Tulipq who is a deep line Hedlund and sire was Herme, an Iditarod lead sled dog with no Hedlund blood. She is medium sized. There is a glimmer of Lupe in her... grandmother on Dam's side. Her gait looks good. She is being evaluated for future breeding and contribution to the preservation of Hedlund Huskies.


Rose lives with Thomas Swan in Two Rivers, Alaska along with her sibling, Nels. both Rose and Nels are Half Hedlunds, one parent being a deep line Hedlund, the other having no Hedlund lineage at all. Both dogs are beautifully built. Rose is a little feral and yet so wanting to allow more attention. When Kim Fitzgerald recently visited Swanny and his dogs, Rose captured her attention, was playful and curious. Rose has a special place in Kim's heart. Quite a stunning dog. Both Rose and Nels are siblings to Remus. Sire is MacKenzie, deep line Hedlund and the Dam was out of Kyle Belleque's kennel.


Remus is a beautiful half hedlund dog owned and loved by Miriam Cooper, North Pole, Alaska. Remus is extremely handsome, very sleek and moves silently like a jaguar. He is a spectacul animal. His gait is smooth, he simply glides across the tundra. Remus is sibling to Nels and Rose who live with Thomas Swan out of Two Rivers, Alaska. Sire is MacKenzie, a deep line Hedlund, who recently sired a litter bred by Linda Newman. Dam was a female out of Kyle Belleque's kennel.