History and Stories Of The Hedlund Husky

Spring 1989, Kim Fitzgerald (founder) was asked to foster some dogs from Iliamna, home to the Hedlund Husky.  Kim was hesitant as she had already acquired 5 dogs, 3 rescues and 2 former Iditarod dogs.  Kim decided to take two of the dogs, two young littermates.  They were thin, skittish and unsocialized.  Beautiful dogs that moved like silk on their tethers.  Kim renamed them Lobo and Lupe.  Lobo later sired the first Knik Hedlund litter with AAni, a rescued registered Siberian.  Lupe went on to have 2 litters and is grandmother to Tulipq (now 10 years old). Tulipq is mother to Gypsy-Rose, Phoenix and Ari.

It took 3 weeks for Kim to be able to touch Lobo.  It took 6 weeks for her to be able to approach and handle Lupe.  Never aggressive, they were just terrified and feral acting.  Kim thought these pups were approximately 7 months old.  They blossomed and grew healthy and though selectively shy, they were no longer skittish.  They fitted in well with her existing dogs and soon became part of her team.

2 years later, Kim acquired another Hedlund called Bart from a friend of hers.  A handsome gray male who was 1 year older than Lobo and Lupe.  Sired by the same parents (Tikan and Vistonic of Illiamna)  so he was a sibling to Lobo and Lupe.  Bart became the third foundation dog of her Kimmik Kennels, home of the Knik Hedlunds.

They both ran their own trapline from being young children.  At age 13, Rose drove an 11 dog team, trained her own leaders and designed and made her own harnesses.  When Nels was just 16, he had a mail run from Bethel to Aniak, a 200 mile trip with 1000lb of mail and a 19 dog team!  They both ran their own trapline from being young children.  Nels was known for his rangy gray dogs in Iliamna county, he crafted sleds for mushers all over Alaska. Rose bred, raised and sold dogs who raced in the World Championships race in Anchorage and in the Iditarod.